Walking above the sea

EVO’s first day-cruiser is sleek as usual with a larger walkable area around the helm station and the signature extensible sundeck.

  • 38 kn / 44 Mph maximum speed
  • 43 ft total length
  • 86 ft walk around surface
  • 740 / 870 hp propulsion
  • +40% extensible surface
  • 12 guests aboard
  • 180 L ice box
  • performance

Like a marine sports car

The R4 Walkaround is strongly influenced by the automotive world, with some distinctive features that define its bold silhouette, such as the steel T-Top and the carbon air inlets on both sides of the hull.

All the controls and navigation systems are integrated in the smooth lines of the console, where the steering wheel, the Volvo Penta IPS joystick and two 12’’ touchscreens allow for an exciting steering experience.

Multidimensional bow

The multi-faceted bow has a spacious sundeck with cushions for two, high-end speakers integrated in the windscreen, the walkaround surface and a hydraulic hatch with hidden anchor, fenders and even a hand shower.

Have a look around

The walkable surface is large enough to stare at the sea from different points of view.

The designer’s philosophy of creating room in unexpected spaces is fully respected with the hidden cleats under the deck, so you have no distractions while you contemplate.

Now relax, drink, eat, dive, ENJOY

It’s time to decide what to do with all the opportunities you have aboard.

More shade for lunch

The T-Top and awnings provide shade to the dinette area and to the customisable kitchen with induction hobs, Teppanyaki plate or barbecue and 180 L ice box.

More room for the sun

Just a tap and the beach area becomes +40% larger with the hydraulic XTensions bulwarks, leaving the ordinary to turn into a 270 sq. ft. beach area you can arrange as you like by moving the elements around.

Closer to the sea

The Transformer platform can get you even closer to the water, creating an eye-catching terrace.

More comfort for sunbathing

The sundeck can accommodate a large sunbed, to get extra comfort for your lazy afternoons at sea.

Large Larger Even Larger

Run Enjoy Dare

A simple touch and 30 seconds are what it takes to open the hydraulic XTensions bulwarks and turn the beach area into a 270 square feet terrace. Be it a lounge, a sitting room, a sundeck with built-in deck chairs, you won’t get unnoticed.

The sundeck can accommodate a Transformer platform which rotates by 270° to support boarding and disembarking, diving, staying even closer to the water.

Inside the shell

Maximizing the space available is a design idea that can be sensed everywhere on the R4 WA. The interiors are conceived like an open space running from bow to stern, with a transformable dinette that creates additional sleeping room for mini-cruises.

Supported by advanced technology

The design process revolves around performance and high-end technologies, creating a yacht that stands out for its beauty and efficiency.

The yacht can be operated with the gestures you use everyday on your mobile device. R4 WA has several levels of control: via app on your iPad, for a seamless experience with your everyday activities, or with manual control.

Touchscreen control system

The yacht can be operated with the gestures you use everyday on your mobile device.

Powerful engines inside

The Volvo Penta IPS 600 (2 x 435 hp) engines and the 18° deadrise angle of the hull push the EVO WA to a maximum speed of 38 knots and a cruising speed of 28 knots.