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Evo Yachts lands on the West Coast

2018-04-19 / Events, News
After launching the spring boat show season in the Mediterranean by attending the Croatia Boat Show, Evo Yachts will be at the Newport Boat Show. This US event, […]

Evo Yachts stakes its claim to Croatia

2018-04-11 / Events, News
After consolidated the market in the western Mediterranean, the Naples-based shipyard continues to expand into new areas, choosing to consolidate its dealers network in the Balkans. As a […]

Evo Center Consolle: 2018 NOVELTY

2018-04-05 / News
Only few weeks left until the official launch of the new Evo Center Console, the latest model from Naples-based shipyard Evo Yachts that has now released a preview […]

Evo 43′ HT makes its debut at Palm Beach

2018-03-16 / Events, News
Neapolitan shipyard Evo Yachts continues its push into the American market and consolidates its presence at US boat shows by attending the Palm Beach International Boat Show from […]

Evo 43′: a star in Miami

2018-02-05 / Events, News
Evo Yachts continues its success in the overseas market. After the interest at the Fort Lauderdale Show, the Italian shipyard will be exhibiting at the next Miami Yacht […]

New options coming up!

2017-12-29 / News
An aft sunbed and an elegant central cockpit sofa are coming up for 2018, two design jewels enriching the wide range of options offered from Evo Yachts. Once […]

Evo Yachts in Paris

2017-11-24 / Events, News
Evo Yachts will be landing in the French capital to take part for the first time in the Paris Boat Show, from December 2 to 10 at the […]

Discover Evo 43′ at the FLIBS

2017-10-26 / Events, News
Evo Yachts will be at the next Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the most important and successful nautical event in the US, at its 59th edition.   Displayed […]

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