Advanced technology, simplicity of use

In Evo Yachts the principles of domotics have been applied to the needs of the Shipowner through a work of preliminary study and engineering that made the use of cutting edge technologies simpler. Either by your smartphone or tablet, or by the intuitive commands in console, all of the functions on board, from the opening of the “XTension” borders to the control of base parameters, are manageable by touching a touch screen. A sophisticated system keeps anyway the possibility of being manually ruled through the additional control panel under deck.

Evo Yachts knows well that in open sea every little unexpected event must be solved promptly, this is why each vessel was conceived starting from the premise that anywhere you sail and whatever is the preparation level of the possible post-sale assistance in site, every possibility must be faced in the simplest way.

All of the systems ruled by hydraulic pumps, in absence of electric energy, can also be activated manually, by accessing in an easy way in the engine room and without need of using any tool. Furthermore, the remote control possibility of the electric control units and the careful selection of the components on board, for which only internationally leader firms of the sector have been chosen, ensure permanent functionality and, possibly, a ready and expert assistance in all of the world seas.