Evo Yachts lands on the West Coast

2018-04-19 / Events, News

After launching the spring boat show season in the Mediterranean by attending the Croatia Boat Show, Evo Yachts will be at the Newport Boat Show. This US event, held from April 19 to 22 at Lido Marina Village in Newport, is the most popular and anxiously awaited boat show on the West Coast of America and represents an important opportunity for Evo Yachts to continue to assert its presence on the US market.

The Naples-based shipyard’s attendance of the event is the result of recently signed commercial agreements with Walter Johnson Yachts. The prestigious American dealer, based in California, has a team of five professionals who have been working in the industry for over 30 years and have extensive experience providing service and assistance to owners both before and after sales.

The partnership rewards the commercial strategy of expansion into the US market, which the shipyard has been working on for several years now, and confirms the success of Evo Yachts boats in the United States.


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